Adjustable 3-Way Cutter

Adjustable 3-Way Cutter
Allows you to trim, chamfer, and de-burr your brass in one step. Adjustable for virtually any rifle or pistol case, includes 3-sided carbide blade.



4-Fluted Cutter

4-Fluted High Speed Steel Cutter
For flat trimming. Features a 3/8” chuck, and will trim anything from .17 to cartridges as large as the .50 BMG




Cutting Insert

Carbide Cutting Insert
3-sided carbide blade that allows for a 15 degree inside case mouth chamfer and 45 degree outside chamfer.


Straight Case Holder

Trim-It Plus Straight Case Holder

Can be used with either the Trim-It II or Trim-It case trimmers for straight-walled cartridges.


The Lifft

The Liftt

It’s time to stop looking for sand bags, towels, and ammo cans to get the right height on your shooting rest. Quite frankly, there’s a better way. The LIFTT eliminates the hassle, and gets you to the right height, Every. Single. Time. The 6”x6” or 8”x8” platforms along with the shooting bag offers the perfect rest for your pistol or rifle when shooting. 

Height adjusts from 3 ¼” to 9 ¾” quickly and easily
Adjusts with one dial, not 3 or 4.
Perfect for sighting in rifle(s)
Reduces recoil and helps improve accuracy
40lb weight capacity
Constructed from heavy-duty steel


(Shooting Bag Included)


6" x 6" - $34.95

8" x 8" - $44.95



Available through these fine On-Line stores in the U.S. and Internationally

USA Orders Brownells Giggles 11 Store Gator Trading Post Carolina Brass
International Shops Trim-It Australia 1697 Spud Select Shooting Supplies Accuracy Reloading Gun Shop