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Garbage classification still exists in disaster-stricken areas, and it is very important to solve the source of garbage classification.

Much attention has been paid to the implementation of Shanghai Municipal Domestic Waste Management Regulations for more than a month. According to the latest data released by the Shanghai Municipal Greening and Appearance Administration

    Much attention has been paid to the implementation of Shanghai Municipal Domestic Waste Management Regulations for more than a month. According to the latest data released by the Shanghai Municipal Greening and Appearance Administration, the amount of wet garbage in Shanghai has reached 8,200 tons per day since July this year, an increase of 1.3 times compared with the average amount in 2017. After the implementation of garbage classification, the average daily clean-up volume of wet garbage increased by 15% compared with the previous month, the recyclables increased by 10% compared with the previous month, and the dry garbage decreased by 11.7%.
    In this case, it seems that there has been a lot of progress in garbage classification, but in fact, in-depth investigation, we can easily find that there are still some "disaster-stricken areas" in the city, garbage classification is still difficult.
Large shopping malls and commercial buildings become illegal "disaster areas"
    According to statistics released by the law enforcement department of Shanghai Municipal Administration, in the past month, the law enforcement department of Shanghai Municipal Administration has investigated 872 cases of domestic waste classification and ordered 8655 cases to be rectified on the spot or within a time limit. Among them, the problem of unclassified delivery is the most serious. From the perspective of industry categories, large shopping malls and commercial buildings are still the "disaster areas" of the problem.
    According to the Shanghai Municipal Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau, since the implementation of the Regulations for one month, the largest number of problems are large shopping malls and commercial buildings, with a problem incidence of 50.9%. Among all kinds of domestic waste classification cases investigated and dealt with according to law in Shanghai, 451 cases without classified containers accounted for 51.8% of the total cases, and 396 cases without classified containers accounted for 45.4%.
    The same happened in Nanjing. In a commercial square along the Yangtze River in Pukou District, Nanjing, when storing kitchen waste, the standard waste sorting and collecting containers were not used, which not only affected the correct sorting of garbage, but also brought great difficulties to the later storage, transportation and treatment.
    In early August, according to Article 41 of Jiangsu Provincial Measures for the Management of Food and Kitchen Wastes, the General Administrative Law Enforcement Team of Jiangbei New District of Nanjing imposed a fine of 5,000 yuan on the property owners of the commercial plaza. According to law enforcement officials, since July, the Jiangbei New Area Command has focused on inspecting the classification of domestic waste in large business units. At present, 22 cases of unclassified domestic waste have been investigated and dealt with.
    Packing garbage is the main cause of irregularities in these areas
    In the unclassified garbage cases that have been investigated and dealt with, packaging garbage undoubtedly occupies a large proportion. For example, a cup of milk tea that young people like now includes plastic cup body, cup cover, straw, straw wrapping paper, and round paper sets used to hold up the cup body, all of which belong to the category of packaging garbage without exception. In order to be beautiful, some milk tea shops will spend a lot of time on "packing and taking away", just buying a cup of milk tea, but also distributing a large paper handbag, which causes a lot of unnecessary waste.
    If it is a large shopping mall with more than 200 restaurants as its main example, nearly 20,000 litres of garbage are produced each day, which is equivalent to more than 10,000 1.5 litres of Coke bottles. It is not easy for garbage to be collected and transported in time under such volume, but even more difficult for fine classification.
    In addition, midpoint takeout in shopping malls and commercial buildings is also very common. A Beijing citizen said that she ordered a red-roasted eggplant meal on takeout platform. The dishes and rice were packed in two boxes. The boxes had three layers: the first one was a carton with a trademark on it, the second one was a plastic lunch box, and the bottom one was an aluminium foil paper with a heat preservation function. "This packaging really makes the food look delicate, but after each meal there are still a pile of plastic boxes, cartons, thrown away feel very regrettable." The citizen said. Another woman said that two days ago, she ordered take-out at a porridge shop. The merchant packed the vegetables and eggs separately in small lunch boxes. The fried sticks were also packed in the lunch boxes. In addition, the porridge which was supposed to be packed in the lunch boxes was added up to six yuan, but only three yuan for an egg. The packing boxes were more expensive than the food bought. We don't need so many boxes at all. Businessmen waste them and let our consumers pay for them."
    To reduce the overflow of packaging garbage, we need to start from the source
    To solve the problem of packaging garbage, the consumer side has a great deal to do, and the implementation of garbage classification is a very important measure. However, the importance of exploring garbage reduction at the production side of the source of garbage can not be underestimated.
    Nowadays, packaging garbage such as express delivery has become the main source of the increase of municipal solid waste, but at the same time, more and more businesses choose to use "creative improvement" green packaging to help reduce the amount of garbage. Xiaobian found that many takeaway vendors no longer use plastic lunch boxes, turning to environmentally friendly packaging such as degradable paper lunch boxes. On the order pages of major platforms, such as Mei Tuan and Hungry Mou, customers are advised to choose "no cutlery" with clear green text in the number of cutleries column.
    In addition to making articles on tableware, some stores have already quickened their pace and started thinking on packing boxes.
    Recently, a small casserole wrapped in plastic lunch boxes, which is different from other stores, quietly appeared in one of the takeout platforms. With the Q version of the takeaway note, the mystery is revealed: "More environmentally friendly, casseroles can be degraded harmlessly, from the soil to the soil."
    In addition to express delivery, independent packaging of commodities has long been the norm, each commodity will produce a lot of packaging garbage. Although independent packaging has some portability, it also increases the consumption of resources. In addition, the existence of excessive packaging and luxury packaging has brought more and more unnecessary waste. In the current situation of scarcity of social resources and serious garbage problem, we should choose simpler packaging.

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